Free seo website audit

Free seo website audit


free website audit

Here’s good
news for you all.

Now you can
get individual (manual) free website audit from Adding to
this you will be getting SEO, design, technical, usability checks and many more
from the website. The website is handled by IT industry specialists having more
than 10 years of experience in the field. You can also get errors, bugs and
mistakes fixed by the website.

Here’s how
things going to work

Free website

you will personalize your auditors and audits. You will get to integrate the
audit tools in your website. As a result, you will be able to see the emails of
your leads directly on your dashboard. Then you can make efforts to convert
those leads in to customers.

helps you with personalizing your audits

The website
selects a logo and color for your audit tool. With this, your SEO audit tool
gets personalized. The website adds the contact information of your website in
the by clicking personalize button on the dashboard. This is very important as
your leads should be able to see your contact information. By doing this, you
can show your leads your contact information on the header and footer of your
audit information. The website changes your summary page to give your leads your
contact information if you wish to do so.

of audit tools

All the
processes needed for integration of audit tools are done by the website. All
the tools are completely personalized for your website. It is easy to integrate
the audit videos in your website. You can choose your audit options through the
website. There are a lot of things which you wish to show your leads through
audit tools. You can either show them to your prospects or you can hide them
from your prospects.

Lead information

You get all
the notification from your leads. Whenever a lead audits your website, the
email and other contact information are sent to your website automatically. The
rest depends upon you. You can call them or email them to convert them in to customers.
Apart from that you can see your leads by date on may leads page. You can get
to know about the leads for various dates. Then you can make efforts to convert
the leads in to customers.

Download, email and organize your audits

You can get
to download your audits in PDF format. Audits contain information regarding
your prospects. With this information you can easily make your business meeting
go smooth. With this information you can judge your competition with top
competitors. You can easily email the audits from your dashboard. You just need
to click on audit email. Visit for free website audit. Then you need to enter a subject and an email address
to send the information to your prospects. It is pretty easy with the new website.
It is necessary to organize your audits. If you wish to store these audits
under any project name, you can do so easily.
solves all the problems related to your website individually. All the manuals
are available for free to the website owners. What are you waiting for! It’s
time for action!

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